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A research conducted by Unit 4 revealed that on an average office worker spend 69 days in a year on administrative tasks globally, costing companies $5 trillion annually.

An increasing number of organizations are opting for workflow automation, to streamline routine processes, boost service levels, increasing efficiency and ultimately boost the bottom-line.

Here are 6 key benefits of Workflow automation to consider.

Why Workflow Automation is Important

1. Stay Ahead

Businesses are under margin pressure and need to reduce costs and increase profits to remain competitive. Workflow automation allows you to run processes more efficiently at a lower cost, allowing key metrics to be recorded and reported on a timely basis.

Workflow automation enables the organization to track and monitor active projects and staff at any given time. The improved visibility highlights whether you are over or underutilizing human resources, creating an opportunity to optimize resource utilization.

2. Customer service

It is essential to continuously find ways to improve the customer experience. When customers become frustrated by waiting on phones or errors in manually generated documents, it may severely affect customer experience resulting in lost business.

Workflow automation can substantially improve the customer experience by enabling an organization’s ability to respond to customer complaints quickly and efficiently. Workflow automation allows companies to create and maintain processes that are consistent and provide positive experiences to customers every time they interact with the business.

3. Increased Productivity

Every task completed by an employee has a cost attached to it, whether hourly pay, salary, or commission. Time wasted on repeated functions which could have been automated results in high opportunity cost which can be saved with workflow automation.

Workflow automation provides the necessary triggers to ensure that things occur at the right time.  It also reduces the amount of time needed to complete a task, resulting in higher productivity, freeing up employees’ time to work on higher-value projects.

4. Improve Quality

Expensive manual errors and inefficiencies occur where humans are involved. Workflow automation ensures that processes are clearly defined and actions are performed accurately every time. Automation can significantly reduce the number of errors and oversights throughout the business which results in higher service levels and quality.

5. Support Sustainable Growth

It is essential that processes being currently utilized are optimized and fully scalable for an organization to achieve fast growth. Workflow automation should provide you the same results whether it is being performed for 10 or 100 tasks whenever required.

Workflow Automation enables increased capacity, improve throughput and optimize equipment use, as well as more job capacity for shorter delivery times and optimized business operations.  All this adds up to expanded capabilities and thereby faster revenue growth.

6. Shorter Turnaround Time

Workflow Automation allows the business to identify issues before they happen, such as missing a critical deadline, which can be then addressed by allocating resources. Automation not only ensures systems run smoothly and efficiently but that errors are eliminated and that your best practices are consistently leveraged.

7. Employee Satisfaction

Workflow automation eliminates tedious tasks, improving employee engagement and allowing them to focus on higher-value skill-related activities. They can accomplish more with less effort and less support. The great thing about software is it doesn’t get bored doing the same task over and over again.

IBISM’s workflow automation will assist you to get the results you want, so, you can stay focused on what matters most. Learn more about the real benefits of workflow automation, by connecting with the specialists at IBISM. Schedule a brief FREE DEMO of our software, and see how much time and money you could save, today!

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