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Many organizations, especially large ones like MNCs, often have to work round the clock to ensure good customer service for their clients. This means it has employees that work in shifts. A classic example of such an organisation could be a hospital or a call centre.

Shift scheduling is an important responsibility as the organisation has to ensure the right combination of employees and supervisors are working at any given time.

Getting this mix right ensures maximum efficiency in your business processes. However, managing shifts is not an easy task. It is important to ensure that your employees are not overworked. At the same time, it is equally important that your customer experience isn’t diminished. However, with increasing competition forcing organizations to go out of their way in giving customers an enriched experience, the workload on employees increases considerably. Shift management has to make sure that your employees don’t burn out due to excessive workload.

There are a lot of shift management softwares available in the market. While they may or may not solve your employee allocation issues, it is not possible to find a single solution that can help you better distribute workload on your employees, allow employees the leeway to exchange shifts or request for a different one in case they are facing some problem, offer you detailed insights regarding your employee performance and workload etc. This means that as an organization dependent on shifts, you have two options- either spend your money in buying two or maybe three different softwares for shift management, or automate this process. With automation, you get all the benefits mentioned above and so much more. Below, we discuss some of these benefits.

1. Empowered process, efficient employees

Shift management is dependent on manual effort to help decide which employee should be assigned to a particular shift. This involves decision making that is dependent on data regarding their timesheets, previous shifts, clients assigned to them etc. Admins have to make sure that employees do not have to work more than the prescribed hours per day. However, if there are employees who are on leave, or maybe need to visit the doctor and so need an evening or night shift, the entire roster implodes. Also, if there is no flexibility in shift management, employees tend to feel suffocated and their morale drops. Automation solves this by providing employees a simple to use interface where they can view their roster. There is also an option to request for shift change, or exchange with another employee if it is convenient. This helps employees feel less like they are working in a jail and more like that the organization values their personal life as well. Also, this interface helps admins easily schedule and manage shifts as they can view employee timesheet data, availability and other factors which helps in better shift management..

2. Data updated and available in real time

Data related to shifts is important as it is provides insights that help identify if a particular employee or employees are being overworked. To ensure an equitable distribution of work and prevent an employee burnout, efficient shift management is key.Often records have to be manually updated, which makes it difficult to access latest data. Automating this process makes it data updation easier. As soon as a roster is finalized, the module updates records. A good automation module, such as the one from IBISM, can be easily integrated with other workflow modules such as timesheet management. Once integrated, the module can also update shift records if an employee takes a leave or is absent for other reasons.

Shift management is important to ensure that your employees are working at their maximum efficiency without fearing a burnout. It also improves organizational environment as employees find their shifts and schedules flexible enough without compromising on the output or efficiency of your business. You can read our other blogs to learn how automation can help improve every aspect of your business. For any doubts or queries, contact IBISM. We will be happy to answer all your queries and provide you with a free demo.

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