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We are a bunch of folks who are really passionate about business process automation

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Enable process owners across the world to automate their processes and get more done

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ibism was started in December 2016 by Saurabh & Aman. Saurabh had been running a digital marketing agency Envigo for a decade and had been through the grind of wanting to automate multiple processes in his growing business. Somewhere around the same time Aman had been working at various enterprises tackling in house process automation challenges. That’s when the two realised the need for an automation platform and decided to build one themselves.


From our next door marketing agency to world’s largest adhesive manufacturing firm our business team puts the word out and sets the spark for fireworks. Mandeep heads ibism’s business from the front. His years of experience in setting up businesses from scratch and dealing with top CXOs of the country gives ibism’s automation revolution the magnanimous momentum. Mandeep’s numero uno, Jeevan is the first guy you will speak to if you dial us in. And you’d be delighted it’s him 🙂
Alvin, our guy in London, is the digital transformation person to meet. People from publishing and events industry have a softer corner for Alvin.


From the first line of code to real time dashboards Aakash is the mad mind behind this automation powerhouse. Aakash is a pure enthusiast - watching linus tech tips videos or traveling and cooking shows while having breakfast is his vice.

Nitish brings a truck load of experience with him and solves problems we have no clue about. All other time, he is busy picking on people. Piyush & Sonoo are the guys to thank for in case you come across ibism’s mobile application. Oh! Sonnoo is just 21.

Punit is the youngest member to the club. And he does everything - brainstorming, wireframing, designing and everything that comes his way. Just that he talks a lotttt.


Inspiration can often seem illusive and out-of-reach when you need it most. Well not so much at ibism.

Jahan is the girl with earphones all the time. Guess what else is she up to all the time? Designing ibism screens. About four desks away, Rajat is someone who is lot more attentive and makes up for every goof up Jahan does. The duo solves some hard problems everyday they walk in.


ibism powers businesses across continents, saves millions of dollars and most importantly brings a smile to its users. If changing lives is a KRA then that’d belong to ibism’s delivery team.

Abhay is a love you 3000 guy who goes all extent to ensure the job is more than done. Aashkar has every patience one needs to understand complex business requirements.

Komal and Esha are the best in class examples of women in tech. Here we call them customer success managers.

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